Why over 55 seniors change health care policies

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Why over 55 seniors change health care policies

It is advised that you update your health insurance policies as you move through different life stages to make sure you can get the right medical benefits as your needs evolve. If you’ve had a private health policy the whole time, changing policies wouldn’t be too hard. However, upgrading to a higher level of coverage could involve additional waiting periods for newly added benefits. Thus, the age at which you are reaching your retirement may be a good time to switch to a better policy so that you can wear out the waiting periods before you need to access the benefits.

After your children have grown up and are no longer dependants on your plan, there may be services and treatments that are simply no longer of any use to you or your partner. For instance, pregnancy and birth services or reproductive care, which are often only offered by the Gold-tier hospital covers, may no longer be necessary. But you might have other procedures and treatments you want covered to future-proof for when your body ages and you require additional medical treatments and services such as:

  • Eye surgery / cataracts
  • Joint replacements
  • Heart and vascular system
  • Implantation of hearing devices
  • Pain management with device
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chirotherapy

All in all, the benefits you’d need require reevaluation.

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