Private health insurance is really important to Australians, which is why there are 11 million of us who have it. It can provide you with more choice, control and peace of mind when looking after yours or your family’s health.
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However, you may be feeling like your premiums keep going up every year but your benefits are actually getting worse. You may even have had a bad experience when you’ve gone to claim for everyday things like dental, optical or physio.

With people paying between $1,500 and $5,000 a year for health insurance, it’s no surprise that more and more people are shopping around to compare health insurance and switch.

In fact, did you know that every year hundreds of thousands of Australians switch to a new health fund?  

People are getting a lot more savvy about their health insurance and taking the time to find policies which suit their lifestyle and needs.

But we understand that just getting started can be overwhelming. It’s like looking at a supermarket shelf full of flashy items but you’re unsure which is right for you.

So let’s simplify it a little. The two most common questions on people’s minds tend to be:

Am I getting back as much as I used to?

Am I paying too much for health insurance?

While there are many health funds to choose from, answering these questions is actually a lot more straightforward than most people would think.  

What’s holding many Australians back is they’re not aware there are two types of health insurers out there: for-profit and not-for-profit.

Why is this so important?

Not-for-profit or mutual funds are run to benefit their members, so premiums are invested back into increasing benefits and improving customer service.

For-profits insurers, like Medibank, BUPA and nib, answer to their investors and focus on their business goals of delivering the best customer service.

Another thing many people don’t realise is they can qualify for industry specific health funds like Defence Health, Teachers Health, Emergency Services and Transport Health.

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