Despite some negative stereotypes, Millennials are taking control of their health and wellbeing 

Popular theory has it that as a Millennial you’re self-absorbed, seek instant gratification and carry around a sense of entitlement. Oh, and you probably won’t get to the bottom of this article because you have a short attention span as well.

These labels seem to pop up in the media nearly every day. Unfortunately they overlook the complexity of modern lives. In a time of high expectations and intense pressure, many Millennials are already experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and depression.

However this is only half the story right? Recent headlines have also highlighted the ways in which Millennials are taking control of their lives and combating modern pressures.

Millennials are the most health-conscious generation ever

This global study found that,“Eight in ten Millennials believe healthy living is important and that sharing food with friends, family and coworkers is a great way to socialise”.

Health-conscious Millennials lead organic food boom

In Australia you show the greatest preference for organic food, with around 20% of your food bought at specialist “natural outlets”.

Basically it all comes down to balance. There’s no magic pill or app for feeling amazing every single day. But there’s plenty of things you can regularly monitor. Here are our 3 top tips for keeping a healthy body and mind…the natural way.

1. Check in and check up: your current health needs

Think back over the last 12 months. Did you use any extras services like dental, optical and physio that left you out of pocket? Did you see any specialists regarding a condition or illness?

These things can creep up as you enter your 30s, so it’s always good to chat with family and friends to see how you can manage your health. While you might be feeling tip-top today, biology has a funny way of catching up as you get older.

2. Access mental health service when you need it

Like many other countries, Australia has come a long way in recent times with discussing and treating mental health issues, in particular the impact they have on people in their 20s.

Your emotional well being is just as important as a healthy body, so have a chat with your GP about any issues you may be facing. Here’s an overview of how to access these services when you need them.

3. Freedom to choose is not always a bonus

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