Australia is known for its comprehensive healthcare system, offering both public (Medicare) and private health insurance options.

While Medicare provides basic hospital and medical cover, private health insurance offers more extensive coverage in terms of hospital services, private hospital cover, extras cover for services like physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments, and the ability to bypass long waiting periods for non-emergency treatments.

The Difference Between Singles and Couples Policies

Traditionally, many married couples in Australia opt for a couples health insurance policy.

This is typically a combined health insurance policy covering both partners and offering the same level of cover.

However, more and more couples are considering separate health insurance policies, or singles policies, to better cater to their different health needs.

Why Consider Separate Policies?

Different health needs are the main reasons why some couples prefer separate policies.

You and your spouse are individual people, with individual healthcare needs and therefore, you’ll likely want different levels of cover.

For example, a wife may need a policy with extensive hospital cover that includes obstetrics, while the husband might prioritise extras cover for services like physio and chiropractic treatments.

There’s no financial point in the husband paying for top-level hospital treatment and cover if he doesn’t need it right now.

So, Can Married Couples Have Separate Health Insurance Policies?

Married couples should evaluate their health needs and financial situations carefully.

In most cases, it makes more sense to have separate policies over a joint couples policy.

However, it’s essential to compare the benefits, cost, and level of coverage offered by different health insurance policies and health funds before making a decision.


Can married couples have different levels of cover in Australia?

Yes, married couples can have different levels of cover in Australia. They can either opt for a couples policy with the same level of cover for both or go for single health insurance policies, which allows each partner to choose a different level of cover based on their health needs.

What is the advantage of a couples health insurance policy?

A couples health insurance policy often costs less than two separate single policies and can provide peace of mind knowing both partners are covered under the same policy. However, it is less flexible as both partners have the same level of cover, which may not suit individual health needs.

Does the Australian Government provide any rebate for private health insurance?

Yes, the Australian Government provides a private health insurance rebate to help reduce the cost of insurance premiums for eligible Australians. The rebate amount varies based on income and age.

What is the Lifetime Health Cover Loading (LHC Loading)?

Lifetime Health Cover Loading (LHC) loading is a government initiative to encourage Australians to take out hospital cover earlier in life. If you don’t take out hospital cover before July 1st after your 31st birthday, you may have to pay an extra 2% on top of your premium for each year you are aged over 30.

What does extras cover include?

Extras cover, or ancillary cover, includes services not covered by Medicare or a basic hospital policy. This could include treatments like physiotherapy, chiropractic, and other therapies depending on your policy.

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