A recent study shows that over the last few years, Australians have been abandoning private health insurance at a rate that exceeded new arrivals to the market.

Does this signal the beginning of the end for private healthcare in Australia?

No, but things are changing. More and more Australians are re-assessing their options and looking to switch to a health fund that delivers them maximum value, so they get the best health insurance for the best price.

Paying more but getting less benefits?

As healthcare service providers (such as specialist medical staff, dentists, physiotherapists and so on) raise their prices, insurance companies are forced to raise their premiums to compensate. The same thing would happen in car insurance if car parts manufacturers continuously raised their costs. Paying slightly more for services over time is to be expected as inflation, wages, and other expenses go up.

At the same time, many Australians are reading the fine print and discovering that their health cover benefits are decreasing at disproportional rates. This isn’t happening at all private health funds, but it is common. It means many Australians are paying more but getting less.

If you feel like you’re not getting the best value, it’s time to do some comparisons.

Compare to find the best health insurance for your family

Want better bang for your buck? Let’s talk about some of these options and what to look for when comparing health funds.

Reassess your situation

If you signed up for your current health insurance more than 3 years ago, it might not be a good fit for you anymore. Your life stage may have changed (from single to couple, from couple to family, from family to empty nesters). Or your health may have changed due to a diagnosis or a different lifestyle.

Maybe your budget has changed, which could impact the premiums and excess you’d feel comfortable paying.

Reassess your situation and make sure that your health fund is still a good fit for you – and if it’s not, find one that is.

Check your inclusions

Make two lists:

  1. What services are you currently using and what do you expect to use in the future?
  2. What services does your current health fund cover you for?

Any fund you take, a lot depends on how well that fund is structured and whether the inclusions are right for you.

Follow the market share

You don’t have to abandon private health to get value for money. Over 1 million Australians have already switched to a better value health fund, and there’s no reason why you can’t be part of the movement.

Compare Health Insurance Online includes Australia’s best value health funds, that all believe in offering Australians the very best value and service. They put the health requirements of members first.

This means more bang for your buck!

Compare your options and find your perfect match with the health insurer you deserve! Jump on our comparison tool today and find a health fund that fits your situation, has the inclusions you want, and gives you maximum value.

Jump on our comparison tool today and find a health fund that gives more back.