Switching health insurance can provide a range of benefits you didn’t know existed

It’s no coincidence that at a time when cost of living pressures are high for things like electricity, food and child care, people are becoming more and more savvy with what they spend their money on.

When it comes to balancing the household budget, nobody wants to pay for something that doesn’t deliver what it promises. The same is true for private health insurance.

Which is why we want to reveal the 3 best kept secrets for those looking to switch health funds

Every year hundreds of thousands of Australians go through the process of switching health insurance. There are numerous reasons why people become fed up with their current policy, such as:

– paying for things they don’t need

– not being covered when they do need it

– not getting the service they deserve

We believe it’s our job at Compare Health Insurance Online to make people aware that not all health insurance companies are the same and to help people find the best health insurer and coverage for them.

1. We provide more choice for consumers

Compare Health Insurance Online has one of the biggest number of funds and policies to compare, choose and buy from online. Being spoilt for choice means you can quickly and easily find a policy that gives you better value and suits your lifestyle. Rather than spending so much time comparing policies from different provider across multiple websites, why not do it all in one place?

2. We won’t sell you something just for the sake of it

We will be 100% open and let you know if you should stay with your current insurer. If you’ve already got the best value health insurance for your needs then we’ll let you know that too. That’s because we want to do the right thing by anybody who contacts us.

In fact, for anyone out there who wants to know if they even need private health insurance, the Compare Health Insurance Online team has created this clever little quiz that takes 2 minutes to complete. Answer a few simple questions and you’ll get a rundown on the value of health insurance for your current needs. If you won’t benefit from it right now, we will let you know that as well.

3. When in doubt, look for the Compare Health Insurance Online symbol

Why? Because hundreds of Australians are joining our funds every day after using our online comparison service. We’ve been trusted to help them with their health needs and we’re pretty proud of the benefits we give them. We think everyone has the right to demand the health insurance they deserve. It shouldn’t be something that causes people confusion and frustration, but rather gives them choice and safeguards for their health.

If you want a chat with a friendly expert about finding the right health cover, you can also call us on 1300 73 96 92.