Hunter Health Insurance

Advantages & Benefits in 2023
Specifically for people who live in the Hunter region of NSW
Community-based health fund that focuses on service.
Specifically for people who live in the Hunter region of NSW
Community-based health fund that focuses on service.

Hunter Health Insurance (HHI) began in 1952 as Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund, a health fund for miners. HHI is a nonprofit health fund and continues to provide comprehensive coverage for that industry as well as the wider community, with about 5400 current members. It's part of Members Health, an alliance of nonprofit and mutual health funds

Hunter Health health insurance policies

How to become an Hunter Health insurance member

Why Choose Hunter Health

  • Specifically for people who live in the Hunter region of NSW
  • The ideal health fund if you want cover from a small, community-based health fund that focuses on service.
  • HHI provides three kinds of coverage: hospital, extras, and just ambulance. Mix and match them to suit your needs.

Hunter Health Health Insurance Policies

Hunter Health offers a range of health insurance policies, from singles health insurance policies to couples policies, family policies and senior policies. Choose from hospital cover, extras cover, or combined hospital & extras cover. Hunter Health Health Insurance Policies Based on a single person living in Victoria, under 65 years old, earning <$93,000 per year.

Hospital, Extras Cover or Ambulance Only Cover

Hunter Health Insurance offers a range of cover options, from:
Hospital only cover
  • Basic: Goes beyond government basics by covering 35 clinical categories like cancer treatment and heart issues.
  • Bronze Plus Smart: Full cover for 18 required Bronze categories plus extras like dental surgery.
  • Silver Plus Thrifty: Covers 26 Silver-required categories and then some, including lung treatments.
  • Silver Plus Young: Like Thrifty but adds pregnancy and birth.
  • Silver Plus: Think Young, but swaps pregnancy for cataracts and full palliative care.
  • Gold: Complete cover for all 38 Gold-required clinical categories.
Extras cover
  • Ideal Extras: Entry-level with general dental, optical, and therapies.
  • Healthy Extras: Adds endodontic, major dental, and services like weight management.
  • Classic Extras: Like Healthy but with higher limits.
  • Optimum Extras: The works, from orthodontics to psychology. Ambulance only if bundled.
  • Elite Extras: Optimum, but with even higher limits and same ambulance caveat.
Ambulance only cover
  • Just one plan, covering you for emergency ambulance rides that are medically needed.

How to Join Hunter Health Insurance

Ready to join Hunter Health? You apply online using our simple application tool, or you can call us and one of our expert consultants will guide you through the process. If you want to compare health funds to find the right fit for your needs, we can help you compare policies from our range of health fund providers and plans. Give us a call today, or use our simple comparison tool to compare online now.