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Health insurance is one of the biggest household expenditures, so it just makes sense to be with a health fund that gives more back.

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*We guarantee all our products are unsponsored as we only want to recommend the best value solution for customers, which means we won’t push people to change funds just for the sake of it.
Better Coverage

On average, our funds cover you in more private hospitals

Private hospital agreements are important for health fund members because when an agreement exists, you will either have no out-of-pocket expenses or you’ll be provided details of your out-of-pocket expenses. Most of our funds have just as many, and in some cases more private hospital agreements than the big for-profits.
More Benefits

Not for profit means more benefits for members

Our funds believe passionately that health insurance is about protecting the health of members, not making profits for others. They put members first: instead of operating their business around how they can profit from you. Our funds are committed to returning more to members – providing more appropriate products, better service and returning more of your premium dollar back to you in benefits.
Happier Members

On average, the research shows members are happier year after year

5 of the top 6 funds in the 2015 IPSOS Net Promoter Score rankings were our funds. Net Promoter Score is an indicator of a person’s likelihood of recommending a product or service to another person. The top two for-profits ranked below the industry average. As a group our fund members stay with their fund longer, too. This is another indicator of satisfaction.

Why we're the most highly recommended way of comparing health insurance

Save and get more benefits

Save and get more benefits

Your premiums don't end up in shareholder back pockets. They get reinvested back into benefits for members.  
Unbiased recommendations

Unbiased recommendations

We prioritise you, not the providers. That means we will recommend the policy that fits you best.  
Competitive comparison

Competitive comparison

We draw our policy recommendations, quotes, and comparisons from the largest pool of health insurance providers in the country.  

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